Public Records and Data

What are public records?

Generally speaking, any data, official documents or reports, that are readily available to the public are considered Public Records. An example would be finding someone's phone number by looking in the national phone directory.

The United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is the entity that currently oversees public records. They have ensured that the public has access to information such as the following:

  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Divorce Records
  • Criminal Records

Keep in mind, however, even though public records are usually government records, not all government records are available to the public. The government can have regulations on the types of data they are allowed to release or even how they store and distribute those records.

Tell me more about reverse phone lookups

A reverse phone lookup is a quick and easy tool you can use to equip yourself with essential information.

Why? Well, maybe you’ve just started dating someone you know little about, or perhaps you get bombarded by phone calls from numbers you don’t recognize. What if you’d like a little more information on the caretaker you just hired to watch your children? Reverse phone number lookups are a fast and simple way to learn more about the people you’re interacting with everyday.

  • Owner Name

  • Address

  • Email

So, who can do reverse phone lookups anyway?

Anyone! However, pay attention to where you choose to do this because not all sites are created equally. For example, many free reverse phone lookup sites typically only include information on landline phone numbers. Which is great...if the number you need to lookup happens to be one of the few landlines in use today. And while “free” is usually a great thing, if you’re trying to lookup a cell number, in this instance, you get what you pay for--most cell-networks control their own numbers and only provide access for a fee.

Free sites can’t buy that information and still keep their sites free, so many of the free sites only provide information that anyone could find. Even then, most only show about 50% of that available data. Most importantly, keep in mind that free sites rarely include criminal background checks in their search results.

Fortunately, free reverse phone number lookup sites are not the only options. The internet can be a vast, and great resource when searching public records. Keep the above factors in mind when determining the most efficient and time saving option for your needs.

Is this the right tool for me?

Reverse phone number lookups are great for times when you need to screen your calls, want to avoid those harassing telemarketers, and/or figure out who is calling from unrecognized numbers without having to call back yourself to find out.

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